Before the storm prepare a hurricane kit of your pets to include:


1. Secure pet carriers for cats and small dogs and sturdy leashes/harnesses

     larger dogs and appropriate crates for other types of pets.

2. Place medications and medical records, including proof of current vaccinations, in

     a waterproof container.

3. Have a 2 week supply of any medication your pet may be taking on a regular basis

   and familiar food and water. Also take bowls and a manual can opener.

4. Cat litter/pan, extra litter and a litter scooper.

5. Information sheets including: medical conditions and treatment schedules if

   needed, feeding instructions, name and phone number for your veterinarian or a

   kennel outside your area in case you need to board your pets.

6. Current photos of your pet(s) in case they get lost. Also, be sure each of your

   animals have name tags, rabies tags, microchip, etc., securely fastened to their

   collars. IMPORTANT NOTE: When planning to evacuate, attach the phone number

   and address of your temporary shelter or of a friend/relative outside the affected

   area to the back of your pet's ID tag.

7. Portable pet bed, a familiar blanket, and lots of toys.

8. Plan ahead to have a safe place to take your pets because public shelters, like

   ones operated by the Red Cross, do NOT allow family pets. Service dogs are the


9. Don't wait until the last minute to make plans for your pets. Do not even think

   about leaving them at home! You would never forgive yourself if something

     happened to them because you left them behind to fend for themselves.